Sunday, February 1, 2009

My feelings after finishing my article on my wiki use and motivation

My dear readers,

I have just finished my article on my particular wiki use and learner motivation. As you can guess, I am extremely relieved after going over all processes of research starting from finding a topic and ending with discussing the result and writing implications for further research.

I am extremely grateful to these people below as they really helped me in the process of my research in many different ways.

1-My family (for their endless support)
2-Assistant Professor Kamile Hamiloglu (for her assistance throughout the research and giving me the opportunity to write my first article to be published)
3-Vance Stevens ( for helping me to narrow my research problem down)
4-Cristina Costa (for helping me to reconsider my research questions)
5--Sedat Akayoğlu (for providing me with feedback and ideas on my research)
6--Vanessa Vaile (for giving me alternative ideas on how to use wiki and taking part in the wiki activities of the class I conducted my study on)
7- My classmates in my MA classes (for their support and assistance)
8- My students (for accepting to take part in this research)

Thanks to this study I am now more aware of the fact that conducting a research is a really tough process and I now respect people who conducted such studies more .

I hope to replicate it and conduct another one soon again on CMC and language learning.



Vance Stevens said...

Well done, happy to help any time :-)

Beyza said...

Thanks a lot Vance. You and Webheads are the source of my inspiration in CALL and I am also grateful to you for broadening my horizons:)