Saturday, October 10, 2009

a new semester in a different university

Time flies!

Classes have already started. I can't believe how time passed so fast. 3 months ago I was wondering whether it would be possible for me to have the chance to be a graduate student of Middle East Technical University(METU)and now I am a student of this lovely institution for almost three weeks.

This semester, I am only able to take one class called "Cultural Aspects of Language Teaching" because of my workload and the distance between Istanbul and Ankara. Having to travel really doesn't bother me as I am really happy with the quality of the lectures.

My adivisor Assistant Prof. Dr. Betil Eröz has been helpful. As I was a graduate student last year in a different institution, I took some courses which are also included in the Master's program of METU. Therefore, I asked her whether I could be exempted from some of these courses or not. She provided me with the names of the professors to consult immediately. When I contacted and sent my assignments to them they, sent me notifications to inform me that I was exempted from two courses. :)This means I have to take only five courses and write a thesis in order to graduate.

I will try to write weekly reflections about the course I am taking if I have the chance to multitask.

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