Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi again after a looong time!

I wanted to blog a lot about my MA reflections about last week but I couldn't as the acces to blogger was restricted . II did my first presentation about Audio Lingual Method with my friend Rahşan. It was fantastic! She taught Italian to the participants using ALM and this made ALM clearer in their mind and I led a discussion after her using our powerpoint presentation.

I was assigned another presentation by our Assistant Prof. instructor Kamile Hamiloğlu on Thursday .I need to describe what systematic forgetting theory is and how it is related to English Language Teaching.Moreover I am expected to present an article related to the theme.Preparing the first part was easy (I have just finished doing it) but I don't know the article I found is directly relevant to the topic.Maybe I will change it tomorrow.
I will update this post soon!

I love blogging with blogger. God bless blogger:))

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