Friday, October 17, 2008

Research Methods-research questions?

Hi again,
It's getting harder and harder to follow the classes ,read the required books and articles ,write reflections and working at the same time.I think I should also get a multitasking ceritificate when I complete this MA program:)

Today I noticed I have only blogged about research methods so far. Maybe it is because the class is on Friday evenings and I can find time to blog only on Friday evenings.I will also blog about the other classes as well (when I find enough time:)

As I noted in my previous post, I was really well after the lesson I attended last week. However, after attending "Research Methods " class today I feel confused actually. As we had specified the research problems yesterday down we focussed on research questions.I was able to develop some questions but I don't think they will be enough for the research.It may be a good idea to change the problem or brainstorm all possible questions for each problem I indicated in the previous post.

I will post the topics and possible questions here in this blog to share them with my followers to get some feedback.I think it will be very dynamic process to write a research paper in this lesson.
I hope I can come up with good questions :)

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