Sunday, October 12, 2008

Research Methods -I love this class!

I really think this class will be helpful to me in many ways.There aren't too many students in the class so it is very reflective and practical.I think I learned a great deal from the last lesson.We focussed on what our theses titles will be and got feedback both from Professor Ozcan Demirel and classmates . Everyone knowing me can anticipate the area I want to focus on in my thesis.I really want CALL or WEB 2.0 to be the focus in my thesis.However,I just couldn't make the title clear in my mind and came up with these topics:
1)Developing Productive Skills in EFL Through e-tools
2)Changing Roles of English Learners in the twentyfirst Century
3)Teacher Development Through e-tools

I really need your feedback about the topics. Which one do you think is more logical to do some research. I will make the topic clear in my mind thanks to your feedback.



Cristina Costa said...

Topic will come, and so will the research questions. What's important at this stage is to look at the literature, at the fields on knowledge you want to focus on and find a gap you want to study. The added value of your research!

Beyza said...

Hi Cris,

I do know what I want to focus on but I think the problem is not making it specific enough. In the lesson I attended today ,I grasped the importance of research questions. It can be a good idea to write some research question for each possible topic and see how they are related.Maybe I will change the topic later if I can't find good research questions.

Thank you for your interest and suggestions:)